Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy birthday hair!!!

Such a blessing today I did exactly what I wanted to do. I celebrated my birthday m. My natural hair all week.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

A timeline

In continuation of my last post's theme of GROWTH.
I have experienced a lot of growing pains. I would sometimes view my hair and fall in love with the progress I would see while I know I haven't posted here but its not to say I haven't documented and reflected on my hair journey. I am a journal writer and every so often I stop and reflect on what and why things have happened in my life. When you are busy going through whatever it is, it can be tough to see clearly. It really kicked a notch when I started seeing a therapist. I sought out therapy as I knew I needed to heal from my past but didn't quite how to go about it. My hair is not always the focal point but it is a BIG part of me. I sometimes feel I started this blog back in 2012 when it seemed like everyone and their momma blogged about going natural complete with pictures and play-by-play. This served as therapy for me. Rather than bore my family and friends, I knew I could document my thoughts with no judgment or interruption. I wasn't looking for an amen or a cosign but just an outlet.

Some highs and lows:

Friday, May 13, 2016

A few years look back

Approaching another hair anniversary...

I initially went natural because I was STUCK,
Stuck in a rut.
Stuck in someone ELSE's view of me.
Stuck in a life I didn't sign up for yet clung to out of fear of the unknown.
Then one day I "woke up".  Before the term "woke" became a buzzword, I literally and incrementally woke up and made better choices. No more auto pilot. It's been a bumpy yet fulfilling and surprising journey. It is still going. It is an investment in me.
I got up and got out physically, emotionally and spiritually.
My hair has been along for the ride. Sometimes leading and sometimes pulling me along but always present.
I am so thankful for this experience. To think, my hair allowed me to break free.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

2 years into thoughts?

I was really fretting with dread about this second anniversary and where I "should" be with my hair. I don't have the crazy afro my old friends or people I would see in the streets had.
I felt stuck. Until last night. 
I saw a woman (she was younger than me but she wasn't a girl) who had this big messy glorious bun on her head while I was getting changed to work out. When I was done I asked her how long had she been natural and what does she do? I couldn't take my eyes off her big hair. It was a full bun and not a poof pretending lol She had been natural all her life so this is all she knew.
She replied "Nothing."
I scrunched up my face and repeated quizzically. "Nothing?"
To that she nodded. She continued mention how she pretty much doesnt have time for all that stuff that naturals tend to do.
She leaves it alone and it just grows.

To that I say wow. I want to get to this point. But I am still learning who I am naturally. I have been permed since the age of 3 and now being in my 30's I don't know who I am other than the hair I knew.

I welcome this learning experience. The reward is a better me. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy One Year Natural Anniversary!

This past year I spent it JUSTKINKIT....
This past year I got to know my hair and keep it JUSTKINKINIT
I let others steal my name JUSTKINKINIT but never my joy JUSTKINKINIT is real to me and thats how I will always be...JUST KINKINIT.