Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Merry Happy Happy

Merry Christmas yall!! Wow time has flown. In the short months I have had this site, I have been waiting for my moment in what I want to do with justkinkinkit.com. I now know and i have big plans.
See you in 2013!!!!!


Monday, December 24, 2012

What is up with my hair today?

Ohhhhhh Weeee!
I had a great hair weekend so when I arrived for work today, (Yes I had to work half a day but I am happy to be working and ending the year the same way I started: employed!) I rocked my hair out from being in a twist out previously. I have been putting it in like a poofy poof gathering up all my hair at the crown of my hair lately but today since no one would be working I didnt want to fuss.

 I took a picture and found something I was not prepared to see.


I have a weekly routine of Shea Moisture products. I have found that my natural hair is the same as when I was relaxed: needs, craves moisture and can look and feel a dry brittle mess if not.  I have found my hair really thrives when moisturized and the SM raw shea butter line is what works for me.I have been using it since I first started transitioning earlier this year.

 My weekly routine.
(i am not a product collector lol)
 I throw in miss jessie's pillow soft curls for curl definition which I am really getting into right now. I got the miss jessies free from a friend (Shout out to Zach!) earlier this summer but really didnt seek it out until then. I must say I LOVE IT. It does just what I want from it which is defining my curls. Like this:

I cant twist my own hair as it takes me FORVER to comb thru. Same relaxed or natural because my hair is THICK and I dont have the patience lol I suppose I should get some huh?
So back to it, you can see it even this picture that my hair is not black like i thought!!!!! I have been thinking my hair is like Jet Black but my friend and curl-buddy who is also my hair stylist let me know that my hair is brown! I can not believe it! It may not be a big deal to you but it is to me. It wasnt until i wore maybe hair pieces that being a "4b" still meant to me that I had boring black hair and that the sun must do something to it to make it look "off".
Since I am relearning my hair by not doing a BC or big chop, I am finding all kinds of delights and frustrations but more good things with my hair and falling in love all over again.
So today driving home I just pulled out my lil camera and took a few snaps. And yes, I know how it looks it shrinks. While I am full natural in the shorter back of my head as you move forward I am about 50/50 permed to natural. I still dont know how my hair will turn out. I suspect my curl pattern will change. My mother who is not apart of the natural movement and hates that I am going natural reminds me when she sees me that my hair pre-perm was wavy and curly just needing water and "dipity doo" lol to set and look pretty. I dont remember that so I am excited to see what it will be. Yes, dippity doo is OLD SCHOOL! It was like in a green crystal jar lol I remember that!

Talk about memories and falling in love with what your hair is doing! I am chalking this up to a good hair moment for me :-)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Just do it. Hair update

In preparation of launching this fully in the new year, I realize I need to build the foundation so others can see me and what I am doing so they won't be so brazen in their insolence.
So, hair update.
I am...
3 weeks past my last trim. I am 8 months since my last perm. I have about 50/50 natural and relaxed hair at the top of my head which is longer on too and shorter in the back which I am fully natural there. The pictures are of the last two weeks.
What I do?
I am a bit diff in that I still go to my stylist that I've been going to since the fourth grade. If you had a mom like mine she did not do hair. Yet the reason I got a perm wasn't because of that. Ill elaborate on that later. She simply took me to the same salon she'd went to. A family friend whom I grew up with.