Thursday, January 3, 2013

In looking to switch up my haircare routine for the new year I ran across some great links. I go on long googling searches or Wikipedia strains alot. lol It's like one thing leads to another and that leads to another and so on. I feel like that joke from Aziz Ansari about wasting time on the internet lol I originally sat down to finish up one of my short stories but I am here blogging.

Ok back to it,
In searching for first, Silk Elements Curl Defining Mouse at Sally's which led to Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa which I've heard before I then did a search for haircare at wholefoods and found this:


6 Tips for Natural African-American Hair

1Know your type. Curly hair comes in many shapes and sizes. Your routine should be calibrated to your curl diameter (tight, kinky or wavy), texture (fine or coarse) and type (dry, normal or oily).
2Assess your shampoo schedule. To preserve your hair’s natural moisture, consider using conditioner to cleanse the scalp and reducing shampoo to once every third time you wash your hair.
3Change it up. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different curl setting techniques — such as scrunching, ribboning or twisting — and different drying methods, including air drying or blow drying with a diffuser.
4Remember: curl likes moisture and friends. For smooth, beautiful curls, style wet hair with a gel or styling lotion that will hold strands together.
5Do not disturb. Don’t mess with your damp styled hair! Once it’s fully dry, if it feels a little crispy, you can scrunch to soften.
Argan Oil 6Keep it fresh. If you have coarse hair and tight curls, keep your scalp feeling fresh with rosemary or lavender essential oil. Pour a few drops on your fingertips and massage directly into the scalp.

I think this is great as I am not heavy (yet) into searching for tips,tricks and know how on my newly natural hair. Partly because I am a bit overwhelmed at times but mainly I still go to my hair stylist (yes i what?). Yes I still go to my hair stylist that I have gone to for over TWENTY years. I have been permed since the age of 5 and when your mother does not "do" hair she quickly got me initiated into the hair salons. And since I am long term transitioning and learning my hair, I want to be under the care of someone who knows hair period. I am pretty serious about my second time transition so no try and fails for me. I want to be successful and feel good about my hair. A post on "why i have NOT broken with my hair stylist" is coming as I already started it. 
So back to my original thought of why I posted this. Since I am not heavy on the boards and forums, it is delightful and encouraging to see this kind of talk and post associated at wholefoods. Our hair is not the first thought when i think of "wholefoods" and just based off seeing this I am going to swing by my local wholefoods tomorrow and see what I can find to use for my 4a hair.  

Check out more
they even have a 7 minute video that has some great instruction about natural hair and moisture with a young lady who is a long term transitioner I believe.

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