Sunday, February 3, 2013

This year I will.. Natural Hair Resolutions...

Me circa 2010
2011? (i love Audrey Hepburn. I thrifted this poster and it hangs in my bathroom. SCORE!
June 2012 (2 months into my transition and new job which I HATED!)
November 2012 Yea i wear this alot lol 
I always think to do new year resolutions but this year I am adding a twist. As I am in 2013 in uncharted hair territory, I want to tie in my mental health and hair health as I feel they are connected.

This year I will be in the homestretch of this year long transition I originally thought I was going to do.
May 4th 2012 was the last time I permed and I said I would not cut my hair but do a long transition until atleast 6 months which is about 3 or so perm cycles which would give me time
but grow out my permed hair which I feel will let me relearn my hair and learn how to care for it.
So this year I will:
  1. Love my hair which in turn love myself. No negative talk or indulge others around me in it.
  2. Take time for my hair which in turn take time for myself. If that means disappearing from my family for a bit to take time for me then so be it. I can only walk this alone. I dont need the commentary lol
  3. NOT be a product junkie. If i find something that works I will stick with it until it doesnt work anymore but be educated in my product buying...not just because i saw it on youtube or curlynikki or wherever. 

Me today. 3 weeks after my BC. I feel like a sly foxx lol

What will you resign to do with your hair and in your life? Let me hear it below :-)

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