Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hair check: almost ONE whole year since I started...from the "bottom"?

I can attest to Drake's "Started From the Bottom" in the context of hair. Last May I decided to stop perming my hair. It was getting thin, dry and just breaking more than ever. I knew something had to give.
It is coming up on one year later and I have really been on a journey. It is nice to see where I've been to where I am now. Talk about a transition as I NEVER thought I would be here. I honestly thought I would give up due to naysayers whom I believe have my best interest at heart SOMETIMES. I am not sorry that my hair makes YOU uncomfortable as I had to explain that it wasn't about you, sue or paul down the street but the head which the hair sits on which is mine!
I just went for it. I am alone with the exceptions of a few friends who I have sought out at work and at home. Plus the online curlbuddies I have met and kept me encouraged when I dont know them from Adam but we all have a goal in site. Also, thanks to the people whom I have developed a unspoken bond while out. Sometimes it is acknowledged with eye contact or a head nod which is like the "Oh you are natural too" identification. Sometimes I would swap tips and stories with strangers but we weren't strangers anymore! I don't know how to explain it.
I am working on a wash day collection of pictures to post as it has been a wild ride when I would wash my hair and just try and style it where it looked SOME type of decent lol I will say how I started to how it comes out has been a hit and miss. Ill try and post when I do my anniversary post in a few.
Till then here are some pictures of me recently. Just me being me and I love it!!!!
I am worth it. Have fun realizing it ;-)
My go to style has been that puff but I have recently gotten the courage up to wear my hair out to work. It has been nice to do while giving my hair a break. I even got a few compliments from coworkers but it doesn't matter because I LOVE IT! (and thats all that matters to me:-)

Starbucks. YUM!

Lovely Day.

Me clowning in traffic last week driving to work. Wore my hair out.

To all the valid criticizers aka HATERS: Signed, Ms. Unpredictable ;-)

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