Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why I havent broken up with my hair stylist.

At the time i started writing this post, I was going to my stylist every Friday like clockwork. Sit and wait to be washed, sit under the dryer for hours and sit and wait to be seen. It was all I knew for over TWENTY YEARS. I was also AFRAID to be along with my hair in this state.

She has done my hair over 20 years and is like family to my own.  I shouldn't leave right??? I would ask myself that when I would rally up to endure another visit.

But a few things have happened since I went natural. I got a new job so my hours changed. But before all that the first thing was my permed once thick hair started to change and she and me didn't handle it well.
I started coming out the salon feeling a bit dejected at was I'd just went thru. The styles weren't holding and my hair felt so dry. My hair was getting shorter and shorter. I would get asked on the regular by a judgmental never at a loss to share her opinion mother "what did she even do to your hair??" and to that I would think I chose the wrong style. I would feel so bad which is the opposite of what going to the salon used to make me feel.
There was a point and time that getting my hair done made everything else on point. If I had my hair laid then I could look good at church then school and to let it hold till that next week would be like pulling off a miracle.
That was also the time I slept on my knuckles, slept on my stomach and never on my back trying to have my hair keep. I was not happy but its what I was taught. My mother had and still does this regimen.  Needless to say she is not part of the choir in my natural walk so I had to seek encouragement inside myself. Another stylist in the same salon with a lesser pedigree would blow dry my hair dry rather than let me sit under the dryer. I now realize she was lazy and my hair suffered. That serves me right for switching to another stylist who treated my hair even worse. I ended up switching back but something had to give.

So I know I am rambling so I will skip ahead to know. I don't go to the salon like I was. It tapered off gradually. Then I asked to come every other week but I have even stopped that as paying money for something I can do myself was something I couldn't in good conscience do. Going to the hair salon would sometimes leave me in a bind financially when it shouldn't have, plus it was alot of time so if i wanted to go out on Friday I couldn't because id be at the hair salon for 5 hours on a Friday. Don't get me started about Saturday mornings. I vowed in college to never endure a all day Saturday morning appointment.
I entertained and visited a natural hair stylist. I would spend almost the same amount of money but less visits and the person who would do my hair would know what to do with it in its kinky state. I am not at that level of comfort yet but I plan to try a stylist even just once. RIght now I am fine with what my hair is doing. If I need a trim I will go to a professional but right now I want to learn my hair and not be pressured to get a texturizer every time i have a question about manageability. Yes, my stylist would mention this to me but as i googled it is still a chemical process that changes the composition of your hair. So why would i wan to do that when I am only a few months into my transition?? I would politely decline and continue to ask questions and peep what my hair was doing.
I want to learn my hair and this is one of the lessons on my journey. I thank God for the people and things that have gotten me to this point.
Anyone had a breaking point with your stylist?

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