Sunday, April 27, 2014

2 years into thoughts?

I was really fretting with dread about this second anniversary and where I "should" be with my hair. I don't have the crazy afro my old friends or people I would see in the streets had.
I felt stuck. Until last night. 
I saw a woman (she was younger than me but she wasn't a girl) who had this big messy glorious bun on her head while I was getting changed to work out. When I was done I asked her how long had she been natural and what does she do? I couldn't take my eyes off her big hair. It was a full bun and not a poof pretending lol She had been natural all her life so this is all she knew.
She replied "Nothing."
I scrunched up my face and repeated quizzically. "Nothing?"
To that she nodded. She continued mention how she pretty much doesnt have time for all that stuff that naturals tend to do.
She leaves it alone and it just grows.

To that I say wow. I want to get to this point. But I am still learning who I am naturally. I have been permed since the age of 3 and now being in my 30's I don't know who I am other than the hair I knew.

I welcome this learning experience. The reward is a better me.