The Site

This site came about as I am int he midst for the *second* time of transition my hair from every 6 weeks relaxer song and and dance to a more natural slower pace. I was at a point of my life where a few things were happening:
  1. I was getting older. The FIRST time i tried to half ass transition was in 2009 and I was approaching an almost "age bracket" birthday. I felt restless in wanting to change something in my life in response to this. Needless to say I did it for the wrong reason, i had alot of things going on and it didnt last long. 
  2. I have been actively going to the hair salon since the 4th grade. WOW. I never had a chance. I recently tweeted that I spent the summer with my aunti in the big city Chicago when i was like 5 years old. She exclaimed to me that she wasnt doing no hair all summer so she promised me a pretty dress and took me the hair salon when my hair was permed for the first time. It was the begining of the end lol Needless to say when she sent me back home to my mother, she was HEATED that I now was "in the machine".
  3. My group of friends have expanded and changed as of late. I mostly actively hang out with a group of people whom I have grown close to who are all natural. But its more than a hairstyle. its a way of life for them. That includes guys and girls. But when we would all get together, I felt I sometimes stuck out with my bone straight hair, shaking it on the dancefloor but ever so caring that i might "sweat out my perm".
  4. I wanted an online voice again. I have been online in some way shape or form since the 90's. I have had my own sites but they have been very fleeting and represented different snapshots in my offline life. I feel thats why they never lasted. Total fluff. I feel this combines the best of whats going on offline and online: I wan to combine my online voice with the cool people I know and am learning from and really stand still.
I want to stand still in my hair story and my life song. I feel its time.

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