Saturday, December 15, 2012

Just do it. Hair update

In preparation of launching this fully in the new year, I realize I need to build the foundation so others can see me and what I am doing so they won't be so brazen in their insolence.
So, hair update.
I am...
3 weeks past my last trim. I am 8 months since my last perm. I have about 50/50 natural and relaxed hair at the top of my head which is longer on too and shorter in the back which I am fully natural there. The pictures are of the last two weeks.
What I do?
I am a bit diff in that I still go to my stylist that I've been going to since the fourth grade. If you had a mom like mine she did not do hair. Yet the reason I got a perm wasn't because of that. Ill elaborate on that later. She simply took me to the same salon she'd went to. A family friend whom I grew up with.

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