Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 and me: Vision Board

Earlier this month I got together with some friends and made a vision board.

Its my first time doing it this large scale but I always plan and write my goals down wishing and hoping that the next year be a bigger blessing than the last. I am an eternal optimist. Now, this board addresses alot of things in my life. Its divided into 4 parts with the center being me at age 5. That was the last time I saw myself without a perm because I got my first relaxes at the age of 5 without my mother's permission. She was HEATED when i came back from visiting fam in Chicago for the summer. A big girl with a perm but she hadn't planned for me to get and grow up that so soon.
Needless to say I've been relaxed ever since OVER TWENTY YEARS. I like to say I never got a chance to know my hair for me. So its important to me that i do now.
2012 was a year of "transitions" for me. I changed my job, my hair, men and family life where it was alot going on and i felt like i was just there. I want 2013 to be me being aware and moving beyond the changes. I want to stabilize this year.

To explain the parts of my board. I want 2013 to be me getting back to a simpler time. I used to love hamming it up for the camera. So free but aware. I don't want to lose that lil girl anymore.  So around the top center i put things like "the best you" and stress. less.
The top right part addresses my family and heritage. The top left is what i want to improve upon online and offline. The bottom right is the future I want to have or be on my way to.
So here at my hair blog I am going to talk about the lower left part.
 I put pictures of Ledisi, Viola Davis and Esperanza Spalding because I look up to each for different reasons. I have pictures of Viola in my creative room in my home because she gave us so many looks that in any of them she serves strength and happiness. Short or long hair. Esperanza for her hair and Ledisi just because she is that friend in my head. You know the one telling you like it IS through her songs. I can listen to her albums and she takes me thru it! I def feel her. Plus she looked AMAZEBALLS at the BET HONORS this year did she not!? Ok back to it, I really want to express myself through my hair so that's why i put the words "hair ideas" as my hair grows. Right now, i am ok with my daily poofy bun. Its my comfort zone right now. My godmother who went natural way before now saw my hair recently and remarked that it was tame. Which is true because when i was relaxed, I dyed, cut, extended my hair anytime the wind blew. lol I know its in me but I am just biding my time now lol
In this new phase for me, i put it on my vision board because its important to me. But i am more than my hair of course.
If you want to know more about the thoughts behind my vision board and see i made a few more..follow me over to
Whats on your vision board for your hair? Your life? How long did it take you? Mine didn't take long as I collect magazines like crazy and already had supplies in my art room.
 I am glad I did it.

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