Sunday, April 28, 2013

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Why I havent broken up with my hair stylist.

At the time i started writing this post, I was going to my stylist every Friday like clockwork. Sit and wait to be washed, sit under the dryer for hours and sit and wait to be seen. It was all I knew for over TWENTY YEARS. I was also AFRAID to be along with my hair in this state.

She has done my hair over 20 years and is like family to my own.  I shouldn't leave right??? I would ask myself that when I would rally up to endure another visit.

But a few things have happened since I went natural. I got a new job so my hours changed. But before all that the first thing was my permed once thick hair started to change and she and me didn't handle it well.
I started coming out the salon feeling a bit dejected at was I'd just went thru. The styles weren't holding and my hair felt so dry. My hair was getting shorter and shorter. I would get asked on the regular by a judgmental never at a loss to share her opinion mother "what did she even do to your hair??" and to that I would think I chose the wrong style. I would feel so bad which is the opposite of what going to the salon used to make me feel.
There was a point and time that getting my hair done made everything else on point. If I had my hair laid then I could look good at church then school and to let it hold till that next week would be like pulling off a miracle.
That was also the time I slept on my knuckles, slept on my stomach and never on my back trying to have my hair keep. I was not happy but its what I was taught. My mother had and still does this regimen.  Needless to say she is not part of the choir in my natural walk so I had to seek encouragement inside myself. Another stylist in the same salon with a lesser pedigree would blow dry my hair dry rather than let me sit under the dryer. I now realize she was lazy and my hair suffered. That serves me right for switching to another stylist who treated my hair even worse. I ended up switching back but something had to give.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hair check: almost ONE whole year since I started...from the "bottom"?

I can attest to Drake's "Started From the Bottom" in the context of hair. Last May I decided to stop perming my hair. It was getting thin, dry and just breaking more than ever. I knew something had to give.
It is coming up on one year later and I have really been on a journey. It is nice to see where I've been to where I am now. Talk about a transition as I NEVER thought I would be here. I honestly thought I would give up due to naysayers whom I believe have my best interest at heart SOMETIMES. I am not sorry that my hair makes YOU uncomfortable as I had to explain that it wasn't about you, sue or paul down the street but the head which the hair sits on which is mine!
I just went for it. I am alone with the exceptions of a few friends who I have sought out at work and at home. Plus the online curlbuddies I have met and kept me encouraged when I dont know them from Adam but we all have a goal in site. Also, thanks to the people whom I have developed a unspoken bond while out. Sometimes it is acknowledged with eye contact or a head nod which is like the "Oh you are natural too" identification. Sometimes I would swap tips and stories with strangers but we weren't strangers anymore! I don't know how to explain it.
I am working on a wash day collection of pictures to post as it has been a wild ride when I would wash my hair and just try and style it where it looked SOME type of decent lol I will say how I started to how it comes out has been a hit and miss. Ill try and post when I do my anniversary post in a few.
Till then here are some pictures of me recently. Just me being me and I love it!!!!
I am worth it. Have fun realizing it ;-)
My go to style has been that puff but I have recently gotten the courage up to wear my hair out to work. It has been nice to do while giving my hair a break. I even got a few compliments from coworkers but it doesn't matter because I LOVE IT! (and thats all that matters to me:-)

Starbucks. YUM!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Listen to this: Q.U.E.E.N. Janelle Monae ft E.Badu

I have been jamming this...

Im cutting up dont cut me down!
And it feels RIGHT ON TIME! I don't care what Ms. Monae is telling us as I'm just happy she and Ms. Badu are providing us with some funk to get us through the bull.

<iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=";color=b600ff&amp;auto_play=false&amp;show_artwork=true"></iframe>

I wish my sistahs can catch fire from this ;-) and let them eat cake!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Houston Fashion Blogger Networking Mixer

On a rainy Thursday last week I attended a networking mixer given by the Houston Fashion Bloggers featuring Ms. Joy Sewing, Fashion Beauty Editor for the Houston Chronicle.
Joy Sewing
If you don't know, Ms. Joy (as I ended up calling her) is a journalist with over twenty years in the game.  A Houston native, she has strong southern and midwestern roots which really appeals to me as you would think that this type of experience and talent would come from other coasts and not the Gulf.  While she didn't set out to be a fashion journalist per se, she was what I call "fashion adjacent", growing up becoming a professional figure skater with her and her mom making her own costumes. Her last name IS Sewing for goodness sakes! lol
 She has had a varied career writing about fashion, beauty and celebrities writing or for Vibe, PEOPLE, NY Post and the Houston Chronicle.
During the discussion she dropped some gems on why she is good at what she does, blogger vs. journalists, and the evolution of blogging. Ms. Joy also shared her observations about the local Houston blogging and fashion scenes.

Joy and I at the end of the night.
And yes, I do love my Old Navy Skinny cords and wellies for a rainy day :-)
I was really enthused that she touched on the local fashion blogging scene in Houston and the future of it. I can't wait to catch another mixer again with Ms. Joy. It was very infomative and I am super excited this was happening in my town.

Joy Sewing website

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I literally stopped when I saw this.  Yes! the episode of Iyanla Van Zant's Fix my life from last year. Where have I been!? If you dont know, she helped these 6 women who started a blog that tore them apart heal or atleast try to.

If you dont know I cofounded a blog with 3 women whom I saw out socially under our love of neosoul music and we all happened to have natural hair. Well, it was more people but as the blog became a reality only 4 remained due to different commitment levels and whatnot. I know I was always in on 10 lol
Well, out of knowing or not knowing each person various lengths of time; we thought since we enjoyed each others company SOCIALLY that we can make a blog work. Right?!
What started out as a organic beautiful thing turned into this petty, backbitting, two faced cluster bomb that so far has two sistahs taking a break. I call it hiding on facebook but hey what do i know. (As for facebook, I do not and will not engage in facebook bull and pettiness as others do because i would rather talk about it and solve the problem. Besides a wise person said "Fake on facebook is a very real a$$whoopin in real life lol I kid but people seem to get real BRAVE on the internet. The cowards way.) I know I have always been open to friends but as I think I see it, they didnt and dont see it that way and simply tolerated me because I was the only one that knew how to actually do what was needed to actually start the blog.  I feel VERY used.